Villa La Paiola reccomends the best Local Cuisine with typical dishes: fettuccine and lasagne, porcino mushrooms, the lake fish and the white wine of Montefiascone Est!Est!!Est!!!, wine of controlled origin. The territory’s local cuisine includes traditional and rural recipes more often than not, using locally produced fruits and vegetables.
Particularly exquisite is the “porcino” mushroom, which grow throughout the territory in abundance and are particularly present along the Monte Fogliano slopes. The supreme ruler of the first course choices goes to a type of pasta known as “fieno” or straw, these shreds of fine pasta bring out the succulent favours of its accompanying sauce. Another first course which is often chosen is “l’acqua cotta” or cooked water, which is made by pouring boiled vegetables, olive oil, herbs and spices over slices of stale bread. Other pasta-based dishes include “lombrichelli”, made from a mixture of flour and water, “fettuccine”, “gnocchi al ferro”, “spaghetti with ricotta cheese”, “sutrine” and finally fried pasta with broccoli.
Among the second course dishes on offer are “various meats”, “barbecue pork”, “game”, “rabbit meat” and “freshwater fish”. The desserts always include local fruits and nuts such as chestnuts and hazelnuts: “tozzetti”, made using hazelnuts, or “nociata”, a mixture of honey and toasted nuts baked between laurel leaves. Then again one can choose the “panmielato” made with honey, flour and hazelnuts or the much loved fruit-flans.
Not to be forgotten are Monti Cimino wines, especially if they come from Vignanello, or a bottle of the famous Vetralla olive oil.
Very popular for a lot of visitors from Rome are restaurants in nearby Caprarola and Ronciglione.

For good food lovers, as well as herb, flower, mushroom and fruit lovers. The Cimini Mountains in the heart of Lazio is the land of hospitality and special local dishes. The splendid setting of the green heart of Lazio attracts researches of mushrooms, hazelnuts, wild berries and chestnuts. Highly appreciated, and organized throughout all seasons of the year, there are many food and wine festivals promoted by the restaurants of Caprarola and Ronciglione.The following are recommended: Porcini mushrooms, fish from the lake (the perch and coregone: coregone filled ravioli and coregone with citrus fruits), home –made pasta. Favourite meat dishes include roast pork, lamb, rabbit alla cacciatora. Popular are cakes made with a ricotta cheese, chestnut honey, marron creams.The locally produced olive oil is also of excellent quality. Special attention to the best wines of Tuscia as well as grappas.