The Etruscan have decorated the interior of tombs by frescoes, to celebrate scenes of hunting, fishing, dancing banquets, games, animals, demons and more. Horses, wild beasts and double flute players in honor of the dead. The images are set in a fresco by unknown hands in the walls of TOMBS and Etruscan necropolis of Tarquinia (VI-III sec.aC), as in Vulci, Tuscania, Civita Castellana, Blera and Norchia. The sepulchral corredi (sarcophagi, vases, bronzes, gold) are deposited in the National Museum of Palazzo Vitelleschi, including the wonderful terracotta sculpture of the Winged Horses (IIIsec. BC) that decorated the pediment of the Queen dell’Ara in Civita di Tarquinia. Sarcophagus of Curunas I can admire a TUSCANIA. Accessible with some caution the NECROPOLIS RUPESTRIAN of Blera, BARBARA ROMANO, NORCIA and CASTEL D’ASSO: the excavated tombs in the tuff are often surrounded by thick vegetation. Significant SUTRI with the remains of the Roman theater and the MURA FALERI NOVI CICLOPE of the town destroyed and abandoned during the Middle Ages.

Rome – Majestic, Amazing and Unforgettable. Ideal place for lovers of art, culture and shopping. Rome is in proximity and easy accessible, urges the guests of Villa La Paiola to the frequent visits. HOW TO REACH ROME FROM VILLA LA PAIOLA:
BY CAR: the satellite parking of Saxa Roma is reachable in 50 minutes, thanks to sliding motorway CASSIA VEIENTANA or CASSIA BIS ( SS2Bis).From Satellite parking Saxa Rubra to the center of Rome: take subway to Piazza del Popolo, means Flaminio. It reach in only 15 minutes Piazza del Popolo (Flaminio). Then, Rome is at your feet.
The parking Saxa Rubra cost: € 2 / day.
Transport in Rome: Standard ticket: €1.50, valid for 100 minutes on all buses (including electric buses, night buses) and trams, or one metro ride and one transfer within 75 minutes. cost € 1,50 per 1 hour. Daily ticket cost € 6.
BY BUS: the COTRAL public bus services assures regular connection to Rome.The bus stop is at 100m from Villa la Paiola. Cost of ticket € 4 per 1 way. Frequency every 1 hour
BY TRAIN: from closed Viterbo (Porta Romana) the train go directly to Rome to the station St. Peter nearby Vatican.