The Natural Reserve Vico Lake surrounding Villa La Paiola, enables you to have a relaxing holiday discovering unique natural environment and landscapes. The Reserve is the natural habitat for chestnuts trees, turkey oaks, grapevines and hazelnut trees, olive trees. In the undergrowth you can find various species of mushrooms and berries along with numerous families of flowers.
The Reserve is habitat of over 170 varieties of waterfowl.
In our vacation home we welcome groups of nature lovers who are dedicated to observation ornithological fact on the shores of Lake Vico easy to meet: the great-crested grebe, herons, egrets, cormorants, kites owls.
For the birdwatching lovers there is a large marshland area, the remarkable natural setting is a common environmental protected heritage. Possibility to observe and photograph some Falconi formes, including the buzzard, the kestrel, the black kite, the pilgrim. The Cimini Mountains also offer a unique blend of colours, of silences which are only interrupted by the calls of animals that live freely here: among the mamals there are foxes, stone marten, weasels, porcupines, wild boars.
The apartments at Villa La Paiola each one with nice view over the Lake are the ideal spot for adventure seekers wanted to discover environment of Natural Reserve.
The Natural Reserve of Vico Lake enclosed of 3.240 hectares, its area is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in central Italy: Environment marsh near the lake and forest with Mt. Venere (838m) which emerged from the waters forming the island in the lake. Among the natural curiosities of the region’s there is the Trembling Stone repeatedly described by Pliny the Elder who called him miraculum naturae – natural wonder. It is an enormous oval stone of 90 cubic meters ,8 meters long, 7 meters wide 3 meters thick balanced on a very narrow base. Prying under it with stick used as a lever you can make its 250 tons vibrate. This phenomenon is related to the volcanic Cimini.
Natural Riserve of Vico Lake is the ideal spot for fans of naturalistic observation.
Regional Natural Riserve of Vico Lake was established by the Regional Parks and Nature Reserves, in order to enhance and preserve aspects vegetation, fauna, flora, geology, caving, paleontological, and not least the landscape. Lake Vico, one of the lakes located north of Rome, is surely the one that best preserves the characteristic shape that arises from its volcanic origin.

Two volcanoes Cimino and Vico, the morphology of the stems of the Monti Cimini area, where the overlap of the materials leaked during their activities and the subsequent work of the weather, they have shaped the entire area. The lake had its origins following the filling of the volcanic caldera. There is a wide variety of types of vegetation within the Nature Reserve, covered by forests of trees to about 1000 hectares, in particular on the Monti Cimini, there are forests of beech, chestnut Turkey oak and coppice. The peculiarity of the climate, characterized by rainfall and the ability of soil to limit evaporation, allowing the oak to grow strong and lush, with secular examples that exceed 35 meters in height. The excursions in the woods and nature trails, you can admire many flower species including a remarkable concentration of wild orchids. A Villa Paiola the holiday will be relaxing and plunged into the great wealth that comes from contact with nature and the quiet of an area not polluted by noise.

With the utmost respect for the environment, the Municipality of Caprarola offers an Adventure Park, on the shores of Lake Vico, within the Nature Reserve, a fantastic walk among the centuries-old trees. The route was built in an incredibly beautiful oak forest. 5 courses for children, 5 courses for adults.
Trees fill us with wonder, they have access to our imagination. Trees are good for the soul. They are essential for the air we breathe. And they provide a majestic example of strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.